The Nature Cure
Outside magazine (cover story)
Inside the health revolution that could save your life.

Air Pollution Causes Dementia 
WIRED / Mother Jones
Researchers now have even more proof that air pollution can cause dementia.

Cross Contamination
How states poison each other with toxic air.

When PTSD Is Contagious
The Atlantic

What happens when we share stories of trauma?

Mental Illness is Far More Common Than We Knew 
Scientific American online

New research suggests that nearly everyone will develop a psychological disorder at some point in their lives. ( With Jonathan Schaefer)

The Terrifying Truth About Air Pollution and Dementia 
Mother Jones (cover story)

Scientists now suspect that a major cause of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's could be the air we breathe.

Braving the Deep, Deadly South on a Bicycle
The Atlantic
Cyclists are 10 times likelier to be killed in South Carolina than in Oregon. What makes southern roads so treacherous?

How Much Running Is Too Much Running?
Outside online
We’re constantly told that too many of us are inert. Now a select few are too active.

Carbon Copy:  Why China’s Air Pollution Problem Isn’t Unique
The Atlantic
Does China truly deserve its reputation as an environmental pariah?

Eco Rover
On the way to a meeting in the backwoods of British Columbia, Spencer Beebe’s seaplane failed.

Conservation Through Cocktails
Are you ready for a jujube and hawthorn martini? A new company created by a group of ethnobotanists thinks so.

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Select Dispatches

The Transplants
Our State magazine
A community farm in Chapel Hill grows more than okra, bitter melons, and Thai chilies. New lives spring from these red-clay rows.

Hunting Wild Beer
Our State magazine
North Carolina brewers are stepping outdoors — and back in time — to create truly local, foraged beers.

Foresters Now Monitoring Tree Populations from Space
Scientific American online
Scientists know surprisingly little about what is growing in our forests. New techniques for analyzing satellite data are changing that.

Building a Solar School in North Carolina 
A state once known for tobacco farming now increasingly harvests energy.

A New Approach to Boosting Forests in China
China Dialogue
Two thirds of Beijing’s 890,000 wells have become useless. Replacing lost forests might bring the water back.

Soundscapes of Smog
The Atlantic
 Hear the pollution of cities (literally) . (With Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz)

Swimming in Seafood Rating Systems – But What’s The Impact?
Are these programs merely expensive ways to give consumers information they don't want or won’t use?

Servants of the Forest

Across Mexico, a young cohort of Yale alumni are driving one of the most important experiments in forest conservation happening on the planet today.

Kick-starting Conversations About Climate Change
People are uncomfortable when the conversation turns to global warming. We want to change that.

A Misty Hike Up Ireland's Mount Brandon 
Sierra Daily
Sour sheep eyed us from the hills above and below.

A Ship Unsunk
SAGE Magaine
In ancient Japan, stones were rolled into the sea to provide new homes for reef fish. Now we sink ships.

Left to the Whim of Nature: The Strange Saga of Pleasure Beach
SAGE Magazine
Pleasure Beach,  Bridgeport, was the very model of a vibrant city’s Shangri-La. The only catch was the place kept burning down.